2/23: Twitter Scavenger Hunt

The best way to learn about Twitter, and its applications in journalism, is to get out and use it. For the remainder of class, you will work in teams of two to find 10 things. At least one of you needs a phone with the Twitter app. You should gather all 10 items by the end of class.

Have fun, but think like a reporter. Have an eye for the interesting, the important, the relevant, the unique, and the immediate. Double-check facts. Accost strangers. Shoot high-quality photos and videos. Keep your audience in mind.

One tweet per item—no combining!

Include in your tweets the number of the item you are doing and hashtags #PaceMCVA and #JRLWeb


  1. Prof. Horace Slughorn (Nursing): Social media can help get the word out about public health emergencies. #PaceMCVA #JRLWeb

Start with an introductory tweet or two that introduces the members of your team and explains what you are doing. Include the #PaceMCVA and #JRLWeb hashtags. These tweets are in addition to the 10 items below.

And here are those 10 items. Have fun!

  1. School (or community) spirit: Photo of a person that shows school or community spirit (whatever that means to you) and suitable text to expand or enhance the image. Be creative!
  2. Favorite gathering spot: Photo from inside your favorite eating and/or gathering spot on campus, plus suitable text to expand or enhance the image. Be sure to include the full name of the place, and the Twitter username if it has one.
  3. Professor on the street: Photo and quote from a professor on campus—not an MCVA professor! Ask what role he/she thinks social media plays in our society today. Include the professor’s full name, title, department and Twitter username if he/she has one.
  4. Student on the street: Photo or video (strongly preferred!) of a Pace student. Ask where the student gets news and if he/she uses social media to keep up on the news. Be sure you include the student’s year in school, major, and Twitter username if he/she has one.
  5. Academic excellence: Photo and quote that shows how Pace contributes to cutting-edge research or innovation in learning. Be creative!
  6. Little-known fact: Photo and quote of something you think many people might not know about Pace University or Westchester County.
  7. Scenic spot: Photo and text of what you think is the most beautiful spot on campus. In the text, be sure to specify where it is.
  8. Fanatic fans: Video of somebody talking with enthusiasm about his/her hopes for the current lacrosse season (or other college sport of your choice).
  9. Extracurricular extravaganza: Photo and quote that exemplifies some of the huge variety of clubs, student organizations, etc., available to students. No varsity sports! Be original!
  10. Freestyle: Your very own final unique tidbit of information—with a photo or video—about our campus or about Pleasantville in general. Be creative! Try to be the most original in the class.

Afterward, you have two more tasks (include the hashtags on these too):

Vine Challenge: Tweet an interesting/funny/relevant Vine about Pace

Intercollegiate Crosstalk: When you are done, or even while you are going, respond to at least five students at other universities (Search for them using the #JRLWeb hashtag).


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