Social Media Challenge #5

Work in pairs to examine an established blog. Here are the pairs, determined (roughly) by your own blog topics:

Romenesko: Jessica and Carlos
Boing Boing: Emily and Rae
To Work or Play: Courtney and Ashley Kayce and Lia
MLB Trade Rumors: Natalia and Thomas
Cartoon Brew: Xavier and Rebecca
Humans of New York: Nihal and Alexis
Largehearted Boy: Michelle and Andrea

Examine the blogs according to the following criteria, and present your findings in 5-10 minutes at our next class, 3/23.

  • Basics: Explain the blog, its content, design, and voice. What does the About page tell you? Is it a stand-alone blog, or affiliated with a larger publication?
  • Audience: Who is this blog for? How do you know? How does it connect to that community?
  • Metadetails: What posts have been most popular? Has it been in the news? Does it advertise?
  • Overall: How well does the blog do what it sets out to do? Show some of its strongest posts (and its weakest)
  • Takeaway: What ideas from this blog can you incorporate in your own?

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