Welcome to the spring 2016 Digital Newsroom!

This blog is a kind of living syllabus. It’ll be the home for assignments, reading responses, and more. If you have questions about what we’re doing, check here first.

In our first class, we created blogs in WordPress. If you were not in class or just want some more guidance, check out the first part of the WordPress Essential Training webinars on Lynda.com.

This week, you have three assignments:

  1. As a comment on this post, propose two Pace-related potential topics for your blog.
  2. Do the 15 Faces assignment and post it to your blog.
  3. Respond to the readings as a comment on the Reading Response #1 post.

Part 1: Propose two potential blog topics

Comment on this post with two ideas for potential blog topics. For each topic, provide a potential title, brief description, five story ideas and five sources. You should think of your blog as a platform for reporting that can be of service to the Pace University community. If you’re not sure whether your ideas fit that description, ask. Your blog must have a clear focus and not just be based on your opinions. No:

  • diaries
  • movie/restaurant/music reviews
  • cat/dog/cute animal pictures
  • recipes
  • relationship/fashion/health tips

Make sure you’re signed in as your WordPress identity when you comment so that I can find you!

Part 2: Post 15 Faces assignment (h/t to Kelly Messinger at Capital University for this idea!)

  1. Meet 15 strangers. Ask for their help on a class assignment. Ask each person’s name (make sure to get the correct spelling), major, and class rank (or, if not a student, what his or her position is).
  2. Take each person’s photo (take at least three and choose the best one) and ask what the best thing was that happened over winter break.
  3. Record (using an app such as Voice Memos) or write down his or her quote.


  • You cannot ask someone in this class.
  • You cannot ask me.
  • You must talk to at least two professors, administrators, or other non-students.
  • You must talk with at least three people outside of your race or ethnicity.
  • You should have a balance of genders.
  • You should have a balance of class ranks.

On your blog:

  • Come up with a good headline – not “15 Faces Assignment.” Be creative. Stand out.
  • Post each person’s photo, identity, and quote.

Check out some examples of a similar assignment at Capital University.

Due by the beginning of our next class.


10 thoughts on “Welcome to the spring 2016 Digital Newsroom!

  1. Topic #1
    Life in Briarcliff

    -What offices are still opened?
    -What is happening next for the campus?
    -How come the cafeteria was shut down before full vacancy?
    -What activities go on in Dow Hall?
    -Who and what are the residents up to?

    Topic #2
    NYC Campus Life
    -How the commute to nyc campus can be a hassle at times
    -The glorious access to Starbucks
    -What kind of activities are held
    -What different majors and programs the campus offers
    -How student life is very different from Pleasantville campus


  2. Ashley Seetoo
    Blog Topics

    Topic #1: Pace Travelers
    This topic will be based on students from student abroad or just regular students who have or want to travel outside of the United States.

    Story Ideas:
    -How to get students out of their comfort zones (at home)
    -Why traveling is important
    -Getting the past experiences of travelers to inform students who want to travel.
    -Where students can travel
    -Financial aid options (scholarships, loans, etc.)

    -all students
    -financial aid office
    -Professor Luske

    Topic #2: Get active at Pace!
    This topic will address why students are not getting involved in on campus activities

    Story Ideas:
    -Why is it important for students to get involved
    -Experience meeting new people
    -What activities interest students on campus
    -talk about commuter issues and why commuters might not want to stay on campus for clubs etc.
    -experiences of active participants at Pace

    -Club Presidents
    -residents at pace
    -commuter students


  3. Blog Post Ideas:

    Topic #1

    Retainment Problems and Solutions
    This will focus on the issues of Pace university and how they struggle to keep their students here as well as show the viewpoints between both freshman and upperclassmen.
    1. Treatment of Freshmen on campus – The before and after they come to pace
    2. Treatment of Upperclassmen on campus – Time they were freshman to now
    3. Pace University solutions to retain students (Talk to Rachel Carpenter and Shawn Livingston)
    4. Events Catered to Freshman only
    5. Lack of activities for Upperclassmen
    Sources will include: Shawn Livingston, Rachel Carpenter, SGA, Students and Financial Aid.

    Topic #2

    Financial Aid Problems:
    This topic will go into depth about financial issues that many students face on a yearly basis, including students who left due to the expensive tuition:

    How students pay to go to pace
    How students feel about the price of pace
    What should the money be used for?
    How has osa made mistakes in students (OSA – A Cursing or A Blessing)
    Pros and cons of going to a private institution

    Sources include: Transfer Students, Students currently attending, Graduates, Student Government Association, Office of student aid, Financial Aid.


  4. Idea#1
    Commuter Life

    Title: Important Resources for Commuter Students
    Description: A one stop source for everything commuters at Pace need to know.

    Story Ideas
    1. Commuting Using Public Transportation
    2. The Pace shuttle bus
    3. Where to Lounge or Study
    4. How to get Involved While on Campus
    5. Parking on Campus

    1. Student Commuters
    2. Commuter Advisory Board
    3. Christine Bogulaski – Student Development Coordinator
    4. Joseph Lopergolo – Commuter Assistant
    5. Commuters vs. Residents Event

    Idea #2
    Pace Sports

    Title: Setters Unleashed
    Description: Online source for everything regarding the sports at Pace University.

    Story Ideas
    1. Feature Stories
    2. Game Coverage
    3. Northeast-10 Conference and ECAC Conference
    4. Ianniello Fieldhouse Advantages
    5. Setter/s of the Week

    1. Athletes
    2. Games
    3. Watch Pace Live Online
    4. Athletic Communications Department
    5. Goldstein Fitness Center


  5. Alexsys Grishaber

    Pace Setter topics and story ideas

    Topic: Cultural Affairs at Pace
    Title: Pace Diversity instead of University (still working on this)
    Focus:This blog will explore all of the cultures that reside at Pace. This will be a good way for students to gain information on different things going on around campus. It will also help with the shaping the understanding of Diversity and what it means to be apart of a diverse community like Pace.

    1. events by the different cultural clubs at Pace such as OLAS, SOCA, and BSU
    2. Feature stories about individual members
    3. Feature stories on services they participate in
    4. Understanding Diversity- interviewing students and faculty about what it means to the community
    5. Focus on different communities a week – such as greek life, black or Spanish community, religious groups, PRIDE at pace etc.

    – All the different cultural organizations
    – Greek life member and faculty
    – outside volunteer places
    – students of race and none race
    -religious clubs and organizations

    Topic: Surviving after college
    Title: “All the places you’ll go after college” DR Seuss related
    Focus: This blog will serve to the community about life after college and how to get started with things that right around the corner for most of us. This will bring in different ideas that more popular and expensive schools are providing for their students

    1. topics on college debt and how to handle the stress
    2. searching for apartments
    3. going back for masters
    4. Internships and jobs
    5. thoughts about life after college.

    -Career Services
    -Students and their opinions
    -Google Searches on topic but related to other schools


  6. Part 1 Proposal

    Topic 1- Education
    Title- Educational Balance

    Although it is a wide topic, the awareness that university is not all about education is well know through social activities on/off campus. This brings up the question of how education finds its balance on campus and how it is affected.

    Five Ideas-

    Kessel vs. Miller- It can be proven that an empty stomach can make it hard to focus on anything, such as class. On campus, other than vending machines, the only true food source’s are Kessel (at the heart of campus) and Miller Hall. Do the students think this is enough? Comparing how long their breaks are to where they have to go to get their meals, does it make them late to class, does it cause them to miss parts of class? Do on campus workers feel overwhelmed by the amount of student to staff ratio?

    Registration- During the time of registration there is a hierarchy in place (based on who can register first) Is this fair to other students education? Should a person who plays sports register before others? Has this system ever caused students to settle for unwanted classes just to get their credits completed or has it ever cause a build up in their schedule that has overwhelmed them to the point of their grades suffering? What are the students thoughts on this subject.

    Greek Life- What do students think it means to be a greek?, what does it take to be one? Do the students (greek and non-greeks) think that the requirements, academically, to remain as a greek enough?

    Status of Pace- What do students think of the education they receive at Pace regarding how much the tuition is based on what they receive in return. Do they think their education is worth every penny? If not, what would they change, what do they see is the problem with pace’s education, if there is one at all?

    Sports- Are the students who play sports affected academically? When, or if, games/practice are scheduled during classes, do non-athletes think it is okay for athletes to be excused during class time for sporting events? What is the academic impact, or does it help them because of the gpa requirement they have to keep, does playing sports push them to keep up with their education? Do those who play sports benefit more than others?

    Five Sources-

    Registration Office
    Students (graduates, undergrads, honors, sports)
    Professors (those who teach a variety of students in social actives on campus and who don’t)
    Campus Staff (in kessel and miller)

    Topic 2- Internship Process
    Title- One foot in both worlds

    Description- This campus is more than just to get an education, it is steered to have experience in a persons field of study before they graduate to have a foot in their future world. How does this process happen, should people apply for internships, why, does it really help ones future?

    (story ideas will revolve around the specific internships based on the majors that Pace provides and their process/stories and why internships/connections are important)
    Public relations

    Students in the major/internship
    Companies etc. (the ones where the internships will be)


  7. TOPIC 1 TITLE: Mind, Body and Spirit
    Description: Focus on current events related to health on our campus and in the Westchester Pleasantville area. This includes everything from fitness classes and mental health seminars to religious events and profiles on experts in each category.

    Story Ideas:
    1. Purell will no longer be replaced in Wilcox Hall – how does this affect us during flu season? What are some student’s reactions
    – Sources: Danny Samuel (dsamuel@pace.edu; Custodial Services (914) 923 -2725

    2. “We all need the D” campaign – talk to Pace University nursing/biology professors and students about vitamins; do they think they are getting enough vitamin D? http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/we-all-need-d-says-ad-campaign-obviously-doesnt-know-what-d-means-169187
    – Sources: Professor Aileen Fitzpatrick (nursing) afitzpatrick@pace.edu specialized in nutrition and exercise effect on patients with diabetes

    3. Westchester water vs. Flint water – How does Pace ensure that our water supply is fresh/clean? What are some environmental majors and professors thinking? How does this crisis effect the Pace community/How is the Pace community reacting?
    – Sources: Angelo Spillo aspillo@pace.edu; “Piper” Philips (Environmental Studies Major)

    4. Spring breakers and the Zika virus – are students worried about the Zika virus? What do Pace professionals think?
    – Sources: LouAnne Verrier (Pace Nurse -expert in travel medicine) (914)773-3760

    5. Pace offering new mental health group sessions – how many students would be willing to attend? Do students even know about these programs? What will occur at meetings?
    – Sources: Pace counselors Andrea Winters (914) 773- 3710 or Jeremy Eggleston (914) 773 – 3710

    TOPIC 2 TITLE: The Business of Pleasantville
    Description: Focus on local businesses in the Pleasantville area. Profiles on owners and their businesses.

    Story Ideas:
    1. Jacob Burns – how are they able to maintain an independent film studio? how do they have money for programs for kids
    – Sources: Director of Development – Judy Exton

    2. ARC Stages playhouse – what is coming up, how to get involved, cover a new show
    – Sources: actors/kids who take classes there

    3. What’s the deal with Rocky’s renovations, new foods, profile on the owner
    – Sources: employees, Pace students who frequent Rocky’s.

    4. Boutique Expose – how to keep a small boutique shop afloat in a small suburban town
    – Sources: Owners

    5. Pleasantville Pharmacy – mom and pop pharmacies are almost nonexistent, why do people still go there?
    – Sources: Sal (worker) & Owners, loyal shoppers


  8. Samantha Lima
    Pace Blog Options

    Alumni Living
    -What makes alumni so “special”
    -Luxuries of living in alumni
    -Residents take on living there
    -Events that go on in Alumni
    -What each floor entails in alumni, “body and Mind” etc.
    -Comparisons from upperclassman who live there who previously lived in a different dorm (Martin, North, etc.)

    Lacrosse follow
    -Updates on lacrosse games
    -Feature Stories


  9. Blog Topic #1
    Title: The Outsiders of Pace

    Description: The Outsiders of Pace is a blog about students attending Pace University who are either from out of the tristate area or out of the country. This blog will help the students of Pace University not only get to know their fellow students more, but also find out some interesting facts about how things are done outside of the tristate area.

    Story ideas: 1.Education in the US vs. other countries. 2.The summer before starting college. 3.Being a student athlete in New York vs. somewhere else (in particular California or Florida). 4.Differences in cuisine. 5.Differences in work ethic.

    Sources: 1. Students from tristate area. 2.Students from states or and countries outside of the tristate area. 3.Professor from outside of the US. 4.Website(s) about varying cuisines in different countries. 5. Websites with statistics on education in other countries.

    Blog Topic #2
    Title: Pace Baseball

    Description: The blog is about the Pace University Baseball team not as to how the team may be actually doing, but getting to know the in’s and out’s of how the baseball team works.

    Story ideas: 1.Practice times and schedule 2.Getting to know the captain(s) 3.Injuries that come with baseball 4.Player profile 5.New field and how players feel playing on turf vs. real grass.

    Sources: 1.Players 2.Team captain 3.Athletic training staff 4.Website with research on turf vs. grass 5.Athletic director


  10. Elise Adams
    Pace related topics and story ideas.

    1. Pace University Dyson Houses (NYC campus)
    -What are Dyson Houses?
    -Introduction to the Foodies House
    -Introduction to the Gotham House
    -Introduction to the One World House
    -Introduction to the Cinema House
    Past the introduction I could go more in depth with events that these houses hold and activities that they do around the city.

    2. Pace Board (NYC Campus)
    -What does Pace Board do at Pace?
    -Introducing the E Board
    -A typical day in a Pace Board meeting
    -Covering Fall Fest (event that Pace Board puts on)
    -Covering Homecoming (event that Pace Board puts on)


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