Reading Response #7

For our next class, watch News 12 Westchester (if you don’t live in Westchester, you won’t be able to watch it on TV or see full versions of individual articles–but you can watch the livestream online). Also, read:

Are these readings saying different things about the state of local news? How much local news do you consume? What would make you want to pay more attention to local news?


6 thoughts on “Reading Response #7

  1. Personally, I have apps the update me on national and global news. However, since I’ve been at Pace, I’ve tended to watch local news solely because it’s always on in the cafeteria (and that’s where I spend all of my time). I often watch it and analyze their processes. I notice that they cover crime, events in local towns in Westchester, local sports, weather and construction.

    I agree with Emily, I think the articles do focus on the two different issues of viewership and relevance. Viewership is very important for television, however, nowadays I feel like it’s more focused on than the content, relevance and value of the news itself. This is why I feel like news isn’t as “great” as it once was. We focus on getting the story first, making it hyperbolic and presenting as much of everything as possible in such a small amount of time, that we forget about fully informing everyone. Yes, are generation with its attention span is a problem, but I think we’ve made it that way by overly-adapting to technology and focusing on viewership numbers more than quality of news.


  2. Personally, I dont really watch a lot of local news unless I am in the bronx. When it comes down to actually watching the news, I go to channel 7 or watch cnn to get quick updates. However, I believe more people should watch more local news. It is important to kno wwhat is going on in the area as well as find see different views of their community. As for the articles, it really gave us different perspectives on attracting audiences to local news. In the pew research article, it gave us data and facts about the current audience. It seemed like by adding new people or switching time slots will attract a better audience. On the other hand, digital journalism has a big factor on local news and will continue to overshadow news station because it shares the news quicker than waiting for the 7 o clock news.


  3. To be honest, I haven’t watched a local news channel in a very long time. I only watch News 12 really when I am at the nail salon. I realized that I only turn to a local news site or TV channel for stories that have made it to prime-time/national news. Both articles explained how local news is fluctuating, but still at very low numbers when it comes to audience members or readers. I feel that it is important that local news sites receive the correct credit for breaking the stories. I have come across the same situation as David Skok. I click on a link in regards to a local issue and it directs me straight to fox or abc etc. I also did notice that local news has been growing and a lot of people have been more engaged because of social media. I feel as the years progress local news will reach a greater audience.


  4. I think these articles are focusing on two different issues: viewership vs. relevance in terms of local news. For me local news is still relevant and I think it would be unfair to say that is less or more important than national news. I think I consume a healthy amount of local news – I do have to admit that although I live in Pleasantville I tend to look at local news from back home to stay in the know. Relevance is super important – I am very picky about what I choose to read. Sometimes I read certain national articles only because I want to stay informed, not because of personal interest. For local news I need to know the basics – events,weather, traffic. I don’t think there is one thing that I could pin point to make me watch more local news. I don’t watch the news in the morning at all, only in the evening if I happen to have time so I guess I am with the majority on that one.


  5. I think that both readings kind of go hand in hand because they highlight the importance of local news. They just do this in different ways. The Nieman Lab does it by explaining whats happening in words and Masta does it by reflecting on statistics. I did like the Nieman Lab read better though because it had personality to it, not just numbers. I already understand that local news is important but I found myself disagreeing with Nieman Lab because of some points the reading brought up. When the reading states “only three percent of the stories that appeared on Facebook and Twitter’s curated Trending and Moments feeds qualified as local news” that could be for various reasons. I couldn’t support his argument because sources like Facebook are meant to connect people globally. Unless you like a specific local page, then you shouldn’t expect feed to be localized. That example isn’t a reflection on local news, although I can understand that it is declining. Also, when local news is relocated to larger news networks, I can see a purpose for that as well. Name brands attract people to read news, you might not get that with small companies (aside from thinking of what deals local news might have with the big names in news on individual cases). With this being said I do think that local news is important but that one shouldn’t think it’s going to have a large audience, even within their community. This is why I think they’re dying. I think that it’s not about global news vs local news, but how local news can focus more on its own community to bring up it’s ratings. If the people in their own community don’t watch it, then whats the point?

    I myself consume an average deal of local news, I try to center myself on global news though because to me its more important. Local news doesn’t have the amount of hard news I want to see. It’s not because they’re not good at what they do, its because it doesn’t really exist in small “towns”. Also, breaking news down into communities is efficient, but it separates us as people. That is what I’m not a fan of.

    I think I would pay more attention to local news if it brought all of its members together, not just seperated their news into neighborhoods (which is what I’ve seen). To me even the news anchors look like they try too hard when they try to make themselves seem like a united newscast instead of separate segments.


  6. I enjoyed these readings for this week. I think they are relevant to what’s happening with the local news stations. Both articles reflected the idea that local news is being shadowed by digital journalism. There now has to be new ways to attract an audience and that’s what the pew research article discussed. I think both articles displayed the reality of what local news is but they both also helped with the idea of what it could be. I consume local news in the morning and only when I have time. I like to watch it when I’m getting ready just to be updated for the day but other than that I do not consume any other local news. Facebook has been my go to for what’s happening in my hometown and that’s something I am kind of ashamed of. I feel as a journalist esp one who wants to be a news anchor or reporter should be doing me but Facebook is just so convenient to what’s going on.


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