One more post about where we’re headed

(If you’ve checked your email recently, you have probably already seen this. There is a cool Yoda gif in this version, though.)

I hope you enjoyed our visit to News 12 Westchester today. I wanted to say a little bit more about next week, given the (lack of) response on assignments that were due last night.

A recurring theme in this class is that reporting is about community. The more you interact with your community, the better you can understand their needs and interests, and the better your reporting will be. Take a hard look at your individual blog. How many people have you really talked to?

For most of you, the answer is: not nearly enough. It’s time to step it up, especially now that you’re reporting on Pleasantville. To report on Pleasantville, you must talk to people in Pleasantville. Do it. Get outside your comfort zone. For those of you reporting on government, talk to people in Pleasantville’s government. For those of you reporting on business, talk to people who work in Pleasantville businesses. For those of you reporting on Pace’s connections to Pleasantville, talk to people who are involved in those connections.

Notice that I say you must talk to people, not just try to talk to people.


The best way is to catch them in person at a place where you know they’ll be. If you have to email or call them instead, do it today. You will probably not get them on the first try. Keep trying, daily, until you get a response.

You also need to talk to people in your group. Decide what everyone’s going to report on for the next two weeks, whose stories will publish on which days, and who’s going to email me your story budget each week. I only received one story budget this week, and it was not complete. Below is an example of what a story budget should look like (by the way, there are actual, real story ideas in here):

  • 4/4: Reporter A reports on the construction work on Saw Mill River Parkway and its effects on Pleasantville
  • 4/5: Reporter B reports on how the owner of Flour & Sun Bakery managed to own her own business before the age of 30
  • 4/6: Reporter C reports on how many non-Pace students use Goldstein Gym and why they use that gym as opposed to others in the area
  • etc.

Finally, talk to me. If you’re confused about what’s expected for any of our assignments, or if problems arise, email me right away. Don’t wait until our next class.

Here’s a recap, though, of what’s expected for next week:

  • 1 post to your individual blog
  • Work on your first Pleasantville story (which will post sometime next week)
  • Reading Response #8
  • Story budget for the next two weeks of stories (that is, stories that will be posted the weeks of 4/11 and 4/18)

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