Reading Response #9

This week, read the following:

Think about the videos you have watched over the last few days. What type of content was it (news, entertainment, sports)? What platforms (Netflix, websites, Snapchat)? What device(s) did you use?

When you think about your own video consumption habits, what advice would you give news organizations that are trying to reach you using video? Be specific.

Post your response by Sunday, April 10 at 11:59 p.m.


9 thoughts on “Reading Response #9

  1. I don’t realize it often, but I do happen to watch a lot of videos on a day-to-day basis. They include a wide variation of topics and interests. Whether I’m on my phone, searching the internet, or doing school work on line; I almost always seem to come across video content.

    Most of the video content I come across includes topics on news and entertainment. The main sources tend to be websites and Snapchat. Snapchat has recently been my go to app. It’s almost like, Instagram who? Having video content adds to the “real feel” of things. It’s more immediate, which appeals to audiences everywhere. Other video sources I see daily are a direct result of Facebook. So many videos that are shared or that I search on Facebook are so entertaining.

    A piece of advice I would give to news organizations trying to reach me is; use Snapchat. Its quickness and real-time effect is appealing more and more video viewers like me. Again, it’s something appealing about the immediacy of Snapchat.


  2. For the most part, I don’t watch TV that much. Only in the morning I’ll turn on News 12 or CNN just for background noise while I’m getting ready. I mainly use facebook to watch videos but the only videos I do tend to watch are more on the funnier/not news related videos. I’m not a huge social media fan so I only use facebook and instagram. My advice for news outlets would be to just keep posting videos and content on every single social media network. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc because that’s how most people are getting their news nowadays. People are always on the go and for people who don’t have the time to sit down and watch tv, they go straight to their phones. For me personally, I think updating Facebook when something new happens is the best way to get the news to me, and for many other people at that.


  3. Lately, I’ve only been watching videos on social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook along with clips on the local News 12. For the most part, I watch News 12 because it’s the channel usually on in Kessel. Here, I watch clips relating to local news that occurred in Westchester to to Westchester people like this kid that was shot who went to Iona. As a college student, I think it’s hard to follow news on television or online unless you’re actually following their social media or trying to actually find out news. Videos on Snapchat or Instagram are usually short 10-15 second-long clips relating to animals or funny trends and jokes. From time to time though, whe there’s big current events, there’s altered videos to show specific content (like with March Madness videos), or parody videos, like Trump saying something in a political debate, but then the video turns to a well known meme that mocks him. The videos I watch on Facebook are usually more entertainment and calling-out-for-action videos that range from 2-4 minutes long. The videos that share calling out for action are the most newsworthy videos I consume *unintentionally*, meaning they just pop up in my natural daily routine. These are videos that share information like ‘did you know there’s a project to help clean the ocean?’ Then it shares information about it in a fun manner, and ask for supporters if you just ‘visit their website.’

    I think if news casters add short caption-like information in videos, people will watch more because they are forced to read naturally. There’s this experiment that showed that people are likely to read subtitles in a video or movie if they are given. So if subtitles are given with short news clips, then replayed without them, people will more likely read the information, then watch the replay. I feel like they will be more able to retain this information as well, compared to just watching the video.


  4. Personally, I barley watch TV unless it’s at home because I never have time at school. So I usually go on the internet and use websites to catch up on my shows. Now that I think about it, I spend a lot of my time on the internet, especially when it comes down to news. Most of the time, I use my phone to get news on Facebook. I feel like Facebook is the best platform to get fast information since many people use it. It’s easily accessible and includes many videos that pop up on the timeline.

    So my advice for news organzations is to use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter because they are the most accessible. The snapchat is more towards our age groups and many of us do not click on CNN snapchat to get updates. So by utilizing Facebook, people are forced to watch videos since it pops up on the timeline and most of the time start playing by itself.


  5. Personally I consume most information on my phone through the internet as well as well as TV. Most of the time I watch a lot of sports and to get updates I will watch ESPN which constantly being updated almost every hour. To get further information and even sound bites I will search on the internet for interviews. When it comes to the use of social media that wouldn’t apply to me as I don’t use or have snapchat, twitter, Instagram, etc. But being that most people use social media as a form of communication, organizations should be involved with the world and those are outlets to do so. With organization that are ran by generally an older generation they must do poll researches on what the eye can capture, meaning to be short and concise. The attention to detail on what is important for them to put out there that could be said in one or so sentences. Thinking about most of my video consumption habits I’d say an automatic for those who use it would be snapchat and twitter. Information through those two are easily accessible and can reach a bigger audience/viewership if going viral.


  6. Think about the videos you have watched over the last few days. What type of content was it (news, entertainment, sports)?
    I typically watch hard news as well as localized news. On my social media accounts it’s a mix between soft news, entertainment and more hard news.

    What platforms (Netflix, websites, Snapchat)? What device(s) did you use?
    I use mobile applications on my phone for my news intake. I use twitter for my hard news updates and Facebook for soft news. I also use snapchat on my phone to view CNN feeds and the Daily Mail , which at times CNN on Snapchat is more soft news than hard news which seemed odd to me but I enjoy it all the same.

    When you think about your own video consumption habits, what advice would you give news organizations that are trying to reach you using video? Be specific.
    My advice would be to use more modern techniques of reaching audiences, which is what I’ve actually seen them doing. Snapchat didn’t always have news stories and it does now. Also, twitter is a great tool because you can embed links, photos and videos. It gives the viewer more control because if they wanna read more they can follow the link, if not then they can just see more news and get the basics faster than usual (compared to news on TV). I wouldn’t recommend news organizations to move towards Instagram because its more social than news, but Facebook is now more news than social, so that may be a good medium for news as well. Basically mobile applications that provide audiences a way to interact have my vote. I usually do more news consumption on my phone than TV because I don’t have time to sit down and dedicate time to watching a news segment on TV, even with DVR as an option. My phone is just more practical. I think its that way for a lot of people.


  7. I usually only consume most content on my phone or on a computer. I rarely look for content on TV because I usually don’t have enough time to sit down and actually wait for the news to come on. I would say that I have been using the Discover channel that Snapchat offers lately; only because of the hype it receives from all my friends. The discover channel is a unique feature that provides a user with whatever the looking for, whether it is news or entertainment. The clips are relatively short and keep me updated with what’s going on for that day.
    I try to consume more news than entertainment but there is always more entertainment content out there especially on Snapchat. I think it would be great if more news outlets like FOX or CBS provided more content in short clips. It would give the audience more to discover and more reliable news at the end of the day. Even local networks like News 12 or WIN1 should try to come up with a unique feature where they can display what’s going on in the area.
    In order to appeal to an audience in this day and age, its important for news organizations to remain short, and concise when delivering news. Narrowing it down to what is needed to know to gain a bigger audience. Its important to use as minimum of words as possible as my generation hates to read. I think videos could be very beneficial to reach our generation, it just takes some creativity when trying to see what will work.


  8. I’m honestly not a huge t.v. watcher. If I do turn on the t.v. I only watch the movie channels. For the past couple of days I’ve noticed I consume the most media on either my phone or laptop. When I’m in my room I tend to use my laptop but when I’m out and about my iPhone is my best friend. The main type of content I watch is a mixture of entertainment and news. My main platforms are Snapchat, I love the little snap stories from magazines like Cosmopolitan and news from Daily News and Vice. Youtube is another platform I use often. I’m very into watching interviews and Youtube is the place to got for that. Netflix and Hulu are also platforms I use often to watch t.v. or movies.

    The only advice I would give to new organizations trying to get more in-tune with a youthful audience is to maybe put there stories on snapchat. As I said before Vice and the Daily News have snapchat stories and they are really interesting and informative. After I see something that interest me on vine of their stories I end up looking it up on online. I think promotion on social media sites it the best way for these news organizations to get more traffic from a youthful audience. They can post a short video of a story they just published on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or even Instagram and include the link to the rest of the story in the description.


  9. I never really thought about how much I was watching, in terms of videos. I rarely have time to sit down and watch T.V. but with my phone I do consume a lot of content. I definitely watch a number of Instagram videos (usually workout examples or recipes), I watch whatever is in my friends’ stories on Snapchat and I watch facebook videos (usually recipes). I only look at Instagram and Snapchat from my phone. For Facebook I am usually on my laptop.

    For people trying to reach me using video:
    I get kind of lazy so if there’s too much text on the screen I will sometimes not finish the video, especially if the visual element is lacking. I also tend to look at shorter videos (they hold my attention for the entire time).

    For hard news I think video is going to be difficult. I can honestly say I don’t watch CNN’s Snapchat discover page, nor do I check their website for videos. Overall I think that the tips I gave above (short, visually appealing) videos is the best advice I can give a news source trying to expand into video. Softer news however, is going to be much easier to work with. I see a bunch of “Insider” videos that feature really cool restaurants and shops in short video formats.


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