Reading Response #10

This week, read:

Think about the topics you’re covering in your personal and group blogs. How could you use data to make your stories better serve your audience? Which data? Be specific!

Post your response by Sunday, April 17 at 11:59 p.m.


8 thoughts on “Reading Response #10

  1. This week I’m going to try to be writing about the bookstore. I am not sure about what data will be beneficial for me when trying to figure out my topic. On the other hand, I haven’t decided on my topic for my personal blog and I dont think it will correlate with my topic for next week. i guess I will have to search for a different topic. For the data, I would have to find better sources to get more information and probably find students who are more well known on campus. i think that will help my blogs if I use that type of data


  2. Using data in the stories for my group blog would directly support any given business I am discussing. I could use data to support an individual business by providing stats obtained through the business’ management team. I could also give my own stats. This could be attained by me giving a questionnaire to any of the guests at a given business. On the contrary, I could provide collective data based off various businesses in Pleasantville. This would give readers an added perspective, and help them to make more informed decisions on the business in Pleasantville. For example, I could seek and provide information on the top employers in Pleasantville. This would help someone who is looking for a job in the area; know exactly where they should look.

    For my individual blog, I could continue to get more commuter experience stories from Pace students. This provides specific data on the many different trips/routes taken to the Pace University campus. It gives readers an exclusive hint of what it’s like to travel in a student’s shoes.


  3. Think about the topics you’re covering in your personal and group blogs. How could you use data to make your stories better serve your audience? Which data? Be specific!

    I could use data in my blog to make my stories better by inserting visuals, audio and interviews. These elements will serve my audience because they are evidence that a story exist and that it matters because it has been researched before. Also because visuals have a stronger impact than just written words, the same sea applies with audio. Audio draws the audience to imagine a picture in their own mind using the power of words. This gives the piece a nice balance as long as the elements connect to the main idea of the blog post. In my personal blog for me, finding interviews is hard because of timing and the people themselves (although I know interviewing is my strongest ally). This means that because of peoples schedules, including myself, there just isn’t the time to have a face to face and in depth conversation. Yet, even though this is an important element, I believe that gathering information is just as important because it provides substance to a blog post. The visuals and research are just as important, which is what I try to focus on, gathering information in a way that my readers might not have connected otherwise. In my group blog I am following the same principle, gathering and reporting to the best of my scheduling ability. I believe that along my post timeline if I add in statistics for categories such as crime rates that it will be useful to my audience. This is because elements such as statistics provide factual evidence of my argument. Evidence and research is always helpful to a reader.


  4. This week for my personal blog I made it more apparent to get in contact and interview students. Just from interviewing a student i was able to see things from a different perspective as well as in regards to data. Now instead of thinking in more of statistics I was able to get it from how a student views it. Sometimes I get caught up in being one sided due to the information received is more credible coming from staff and faculty, but I lagged in getting information from students. As for the group blogs I allowed myself to get information from the villages website as mine is involved with crimes and government. I started with the mayor just to get information on who we actually have as mayor and what his plans are. Also some of the things that he does that can help students as well as the community for future endeavors to make a cohesive environment.


  5. For my personal blog, i am looking for ways to get more students interested. People are viewing my blog but solely because it has to do with their organization. I am looking to add more quotes and interviews that can change the perspective of my blog. There’s been so many great events going on that it’s hard to decide what to cover but I am keeping the focus on what i am interested in but want to steer away from my own look on it.
    For my group blog, Time is really becoming the hardest thing for me but luckily I have time and will conduct as many interviews as I can. I want to highlight if there are discounts for Pace students and how they went about planning that. I would love to find out if some of these businesses are more family owned or not. Discounts can of course but useful students but also the atmosphere plays a role as well. I am looking to learn more about the employees and shine light on them within the community.


  6. My personal blog is about activism at Pace University whereas my group blog is about connections Pace had with its surrounding community. This week my personal and group blog post will conincide because they both deal with activism.

    When it comes to using data to better serve my readers I guess I could maybe take a deeper look into the student organizations here at Pace to see which organizations are more activist orientated. I could search for data that backs whether or not these groups just claim to be activist or if they actually do strive and hold events and forums to promote some form of change. For the group blog I guess I could go into town and see how many companies are actually involved with Pace.


  7. This week I am planning on writing about the farmers market in town for the group blog, but I have not decided on a topic for my personal blog. Maybe I could break up the different stands offered at the farmers market into sections – how many vegan friendly options are there? are there more vendors that sell fresh produce or home made products? I think any reader who is thinking of going to the market would be interested to know what vendors apply to his or her specific needs.


  8. This week I focused on students working in Pleasantville; my own blog is about student with jobs too, so it correlated well. The information I received from the girl I interviewed was useful because I wasn’t sure if businesses did/didn’t like Pace students as employees or customers. I assumed that, because Pace students COULD cause trouble, such as not paying for tips, using fake IDs, or loitering, students were disliked. A couple of times, I felt that store owners, like the Pleasantville Diner’s, didn’t take Pace students as seriously as other Pleasantville residents because we use Flex dollars. Apparently, though, I assumed wrong. This information has lead me to plan out a survey for businesses across Pleasntville asking about their experiences, thoughts, and interactions with Pace students. With survey information, I will be able to describe the relationship with local businesses and Pace. This will be useful for my audience, which is primarily Pace students, because they will either know if they have good interactions with Pleasntville businesses which could lead to job opportunities, or know that a change in behavior must occur so they can be better treated and accepted in the community.


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