Datasets for Pace, Pleasantville, and Westchester County

I had mentioned in class that one of my favorite hobbies is collecting data. If you’re looking for potential story ideas, or just feeling nosy (a great quality for a journalist to have), rummage around here!

Pace University data

The three most recent 990 forms for Pace are on You can get previous years by request from Pace… or from me!
Pace University 990 2008
Pace University 990 2009
Pace University 990 2010
Pace University 990 2011

Campus crime stats

Enrollment for the last 10 years broken down by campus, school, gender, race, undergrad/grad

Pleasantville/Westchester County data

Westchester County annual crime stats by municipality

Businesses incorporated in Pleasantville

Westchester County restaurant inspections

Dog licenses issued by the Village of Pleasantville (I got these through a state Freedom of Information Law request).


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