Your first post: the 15 Faces assignment

In addition to reading this week’s materials, responding to them on the course blog (look for the post Reading Response #1), and customizing your WordPress site so that it’s just the way you like it, you will do the 15 Faces activity. See below for details.

The idea for this assignment came from Kelly Messinger, a journalism professor at Capital University. It’s a great exercise for approaching people you don’t know, which is something journalists have to do all the time!

  1. Meet 15 strangers. Ask for their help on a class assignment. Ask each person’s name (make sure to get the correct spelling), major, and class rank (or, if not a student, what his or her position is). Also ask them for a place where they can be found online, such as a personal website or social media username (this is so you can link to them in your post).
  2. Take each person’s photo (take at least three and choose the best one) and ask what the best thing was that happened over summer break. (Do not let them give you their own photo. Do not take photos of multiple people at a time.)
  3. Record (using an app such as Voice Memos) or write down his or her quote.


  • You cannot ask someone in this class.
  • You cannot ask me.
  • You must talk to at least two professors, administrators, or other non-students.
  • You must talk with at least three people outside of your race or ethnicity.
  • You should have a balance of genders.
  • You should have a balance of class ranks.

Post what you’ve got on your WordPress site:

  • Come up with a good headline – not “15 Faces Assignment.” Be creative. Stand out.
  • Write a 1-2 sentence intro.
  • Post each person’s photo, identity, and quote.
  • Link each person’s name to their website or social media username.

Check out some examples of a similar assignment at Capital University.

Due by the beginning of our next class.


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