Reading Response #3

This week’s readings include parts of the AP Stylebook, as well as an article about the “social listening tool” Banjo and an article about an event happening in Pleasantville next month (see the Schedule). Your comment on this post can discuss/pose questions about any of the readings. My question to start things off is about the Banjo article. Banjo makes it easy for journalists to search social media posts by location. Why might that be useful?


5 thoughts on “Reading Response #3

  1. Banjo is useful because it allows one to know certain events and other things happening in a specific location. It makes it easier to cover and be on top of stories as they happen. It also helps that it is a free service. @Kaenicole I believe that this can be done by only bringing fags and staying true to your writing style and keeping your own bias out of whatever you are reporting on. My question, what other ways could journalist getting news or alerts from certain locations?


  2. Using Banjo can be very helpful to journalists who need to cover a story in a certain location and at a particular scene. First and foremost it is free for all journalists. It is also helpful for seeing what types of events are in your area around you. Reporters can also use Banjo to search for hashtags on social media. According to the article, the “content coming through Banjo is geotagged so it is less likely to be photoshopped”. Another takeaway that I found from the article is that Banjo has two main functions called “geofencing” which is available for free and also a “rewind” feature that “allows reporters to investigate an issue over a period of time”. Although Banjo seems like a great application, what would some of the negative effects of the application be?


  3. Me personally I had never even heard of the banjo. I have always thought why hasn’t there been an application for not only journalists but for the people who witness the news and that’s exactly what banjo is for. The accessibility of finding news and news sources takes out the minutia that was common in past years with journalism. The location tool of this makes it as Albeanu coins a “One Stop -Shop”. My question I pose is why do you think when it come to publications we feel that there should be this emphasis on guidelines?


    1. I believe guidelines are in place when it comes to publications because it sets a tone and they make sure that we as journalists maintain our original values and principles. Some of those core values that we need to maintain are accuracy, speed and honesty. As journalists we need to follow guidelines so that it sets the pace for those to come after. If we are not upholding those values or principles then how can we establish credibility as a journalist and how can we gain the trust of our audience? The question I pose is how as journalists do we make sure we maintain our values or principles while using social media as a news outlet?


      1. Banjo is a very useful for journalists today because it is literally a map of current news and posts all around the world. The world is literally in your hands with this application, and you can find almost anything that you need. It’s very revolutionary because we’ve never seen something like this before. @astaritanews , one negative effect of Banjo that I can think of is that nothing is private and once you post something, it never truly goes away. My question is what is the percentage of journalists in the world using Banjo?


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