Example of a media-related post

Here’s something I wrote based on an article that appeared in my News About News Feedly feed this week. Use it as an example of the type of media analysis you should be trying to do on your own WordPress sites.

Can crowdfunding save this newspaper?

The publisher of a long-running newspaper in Vermont is trying to retire. But Ross Connelly hasn’t been able to hand his community weekly over to a successor. Poynter reports that originally, Connelly decided to hold an essay contest to pick the next publisher of the Hardwick Gazette. The contest had a $175 entry fee, and Connelly hoped to get at least 700 entries. But the contest hasn’t generated enough interest. Connelly extended the deadline once. Now, he’s extended the deadline again, and launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Media observers may suggest that the lack of interest is further proof that print is dying–or is dead already. Are they right? This may not be a fair example. Even when print was thriving, it may have been tough to find someone who was committed and experienced enough to take over the reins of a paper in a small Vermont town. And while Connelly is struggling to find enough people interested in taking over the paper, that’s different than saying the newspaper lacks value. Residents of Hardwick may consider it valuable–they’re just not in a position to run it.

At this point, the newspaper’s Kickstarter campaign has raised $6,865 of its $100,000 goal, with 15 days to go. Will it get there? Stay tuned.




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