Reading Response #7

This week, read:

Think about the videos you have watched over the last few days. What type of content was it (news, entertainment, sports)? What platforms (Netflix, websites, Snapchat)? What device(s) did you use? When you think about your own video consumption habits, what advice would you give news organizations that are trying to reach you using video?


3 thoughts on “Reading Response #7

  1. Over the past few days I have watched a lot of sports videos on youtube, politics and sports on TV and have used Instagram, Facebook, and the ESPN app as my news outlets on my phone. The advice I would give news organizations is keep doing what you’re doing, because the up to the minute alerts are great and keep me informed in a moment’s notice. @kingofnewsblog , I believe news on application affects news on the television, because when you get the up to the minute alerts on your phone, why wait around for 20 minutes until you get the update story on TV. These apps are destroy news on TV, and it will continue. My question is when will TV news die and news on applications take over completely?


  2. News organizations need to do proper research in order to get a targeted audience. They have to research the best medium to reach that market and they have to be able to aim their news stories accordingly.
    I would advise organizations to post videos on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. For me, I always watch videos on my phone so it would be easiest to reach out and make me watch a video through an app. Nowadays, I feel like the phone has become the personal news outlet where one can find and connect with news that interests the reader from all around the world. Do you agree that using apps might be the most effective way to reach college students? If so, why and if not, why not?


    1. For myself I have mostly watched a lot of videos through Snapchat and Instagram. I have mostly been watching a lot of entertainment videos but I do use some of the links on Snapchat to catch news stories. I watch these videos using my iPhone or my iPad. I personally think that it is always important to have a video when showing the news. People would be able to get a real feel for the situation and I could help them connect to the story. Putting news on social media sites could be very beneficial because it is something that people use on a day-to-day basis and it could also gain the interest of the youth. I do believe that using apps would be the best way to reach college students. The youth today are using applications on a day today basis and they’re using it at almost all times of the day. If they could access the news there I’m sure that they would because it would be easy to get and they would have to be short quick stories, which would keep their interest.

      How do you think news being on application affects news on the television?


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