Reading Response #8

This week, read:

Paul Bradshaw mentions a few types of data stories. Find an example of data journalism in the news this week. Why did the journalist use data to tell the story? How was the data presented (A table? A bar chart? Another kind of infographic?)?


4 thoughts on “Reading Response #8

  1. This past week I read an article predicting the outcome of the Presidential Election. The journalist used information gathered up by experts to create a chart predicting how each state would vote. I feel that in every story, there is always a piece of data used at some point. Data is very important to a story, because it’s a piece of information that the reader usually remember after they finish the story. @kingofnewsblog , like I said in the sentence prior, data is very important to a story. It is needed to give a story a lasting impact in your memory so you won’t forget. My question is how do you think data journalism will evolve in the next 10 years?


  2. For this week, it only helps to do some data journalism on the election. On, Erin Dooley’s article breaks down each of the battleground states and also includes some graphs for Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Arizona. In each graph, there is an explanation of what it shows by state. There are different categories for some states such as education in North Carolina and age range in Arizona. Dooley wrote the article including the charts to give the readers a better feel of different categories of the election and how they think it will turn out for that state. What can be some negative ways, if any that data journalism be exposed?


    1. I chose to read the news article Thomson Reuters to cut 2,000 Jobs Worldwide. This was a news-based story. It did not have any pictures but the article presented a lot of data. The author Mark Sweney used the data to tell the story because you could see the impact that it had on the people of the company. You get the direct fax from what is going on in this situation and the numbers answered some of the questions that one might have. I don’t think that there are many negative ways to expose data journalism. I think that the only way that it could be bad is that they could take away from the story with too many numbers. I do think that it is good to have numbers because it provides facts about stories. For myself I personally enjoy looking at numbers so I enjoy reading stories like this.

      Should news articles make it a point to include numbers in their stories?


      1. I personally don’t care for the numbers unless it is pertinent to my story that i am reading. i think data is key however giving that data without it reading like an excel sheet is key to being a good writer. I read an article that written by a peer and they gave alot of information historically but they were able to clearly give the information that sometimes can be seen as boring or not attention grabbing and was able to formulate it in a way that gave me the data but was not a complete bore. the link is here

        View story at


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