Reading Response #9

This week, read:

Data visualizations (sometimes called dataviz for short) have become more popular in news the last few years. Why do you think that is?


4 thoughts on “Reading Response #9

  1. I too believe the data visualization has become more popular in the news. A digital visualization helps to keep the interest of the reader. For me I do believe that it is good to have but I think that it is important that they use the right form of data visualization and the stories that they are doing when it regards journalism. Not all visualizations have the same impact on a story and a certain visual might work better than another. Two other outlets that I believe are more successful would have to be the video and the use of social media. With video he keeps the view were interested and it shows a clear picture of what is going on. With social media there are so many ways to see the story from so many different angles that helped form the full story. One just has to be mindful of the outlets that they’re looking at for credibility reasons.

    How do you think data visualization affects the youth?


  2. I have to agree with the readings that data visualizations or “DataViz”have become very popular in the last few years. On a personal note, when I was reading through the articles, especially the one from the 538 website, I was engaged and shocked of the statistics that they provided. They had a different database where they got their information from for each of the crimes like mass shootings and terrorism shootings for example. as a response to the question, If the story is a big enough one, like shootings and deaths for example, I think that it is the media’s job to get the best story out there that’s possible. For a story like the ones that we have read, if the media messes up or makes a mistake, they should be held responsible. What can be some negative ways if any of using data visualizations?


  3. So in my feature writing class we talked about engaging the audience and how that has changed in the recent years and the example that we looked at that made the biggest impact on me was a washington post project that dealt with the N word . that allowed the reader to tailor their experience using pictures, surveys , and so much more that immediately had me more interested in the content that i would be subjected to. i think the way we are being engaged by media outlets is now no longer just one form of media its the combination of one or more. my question i pose is how do media outlets maintain a crisp and clear agenda without getting lost in the media that they have to share on their outlets to gain attention?


  4. I think data visualizations have become more popular in news the last few years because they are really able to grab the viewer’s attention and stay fresh in his/her mind. I believe believe viewers are more engaged and interested when they’re watching visual content and I also believe viewer’s remember important data, so when the two are put together, they are very successful because more people tune in to watch. Are there any other forms of content out there that are more successful than data visualizations? If so, how are they used to keep the viewers engaged and tuning back in for more?


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