Reading Response #11

This week, read:

Farhad Manjoo, Gawker’s Gone. Long Live Gawker.

If Trump Tweets It, Is It News? A Quandary for the News Media

Lisa Foderaro, $6 Million Settlement Over Police Shooting of Danroy Henry

The second article on the list is one of many lately to question how the press should cover Donald Trump. Why does the article focus particularly on Twitter?


4 thoughts on “Reading Response #11

  1. The article focuses particularly on Twitter because Twitter is a quick and instant way to give off up to the minute information. The post are only 140 characters, making each post short, sweet, and right to the point most of the time. In today’s world, this is huge because people are always looking for up to the minute information and this media platform provides that. Using Twitter is a new way to access news and this year’s Presidential Campaign was greatly affected by it due to Donald Trump’s use of the platform. Twitter was an easy way for the people to follow Trump second by second.
    To answer the question above, if Trump was so successful using Twitter, other companies will be as well, because many people use Twitter and if companies use it, it will more than likely boost their popularity because people will find them on this platform. Twitter is a game changer and look for it to be the new platform where up to the second news is posted.


  2. I think the use of media in this recent election has played a heavy factor that one could even say that it was use as a tool to sway the election. This is what a lot of journalist and even the public are feeling right now, that the media surrounding trump was very skewed sometimes as well was not sometimes even news worthy. Donald trumps use of twitter as been regarded as a ” a spoiled rich child with no filter” who feels he can say literally whatever he want. my issue with the media during the election and obviously the general public issue is that every little thing that Donald said was NEWS. Before the official election you could easily turn on CNN, or MSNBC and see the headline : trump tweets out his plans for policy reform on immigration by building a wall or how he never paid taxes in the past 25 years.. these things like policy reform are not meant to be addressed on twitter. period. The fact that journalist were even spinning it to either look like a joke or took it too seriously I couldn’t really navigate the craziness that came with the twitter shenanigans. Especially when it became a rant between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The whole ordeal was completely unprofessional and un-becoming of the strides that those before in journalism have made to have it reduced to a twitter beef for the world to see. My question is why did the media not immediately set a standard for the election? to be strictly about the election and only that instead they allowed it to become this media circus about nothing.


    1. This article has lots of good points that journalists mention. On social media the article talks about how there have been calls for the various news outlets to boycott the Trump tweets as a whole. According to the article, producers of morning shows and newspaper editors would wake up to “head turning” statements tweeted out by Trump. Journalists also mentioned that his twitter has a ripple effect in the media’s ecosystem. I agree with one of the points made in the article. If he has something to say, it should be reported because he is a public figure and public figures generate lots of news. Journalists also pointed out that Trump tweets more than he has news conferences. His tweets have generated lots of discussion and he even has more followers than the President! In response to the question, since the election season was a huge event for the media to cover, I believe that they couldn’t set a standard just because of who the candidates were and the different types of baggage that they carried along with them. (Hilary’s emails and Trumps interviews)
      if the media didn’t get involved then they wouldn’t have found out what they did about each candidate during the election season. Also I believe that the media just wanted to have some information instead of going in with nothing. How can the media redeem themselves for their slanted bias against President Trump?


      1. The media should try to stick to the facts as always. They should also try to report of both sides of the story and make sure that they are not just showing the negatives. The articles that they are making should not be just to break down Trump. I think that they could try to make some positive new stories or articles about Trump to balance out if they’re going to bake negative articles. Overall they should be looking to make something that someone from any kind of audience would like to read or would not mind reading.
        With regards to the article I do believe that Trump using Twitter does have an impact on journalism. People can get captivated with what it is that is being said on this Twitter page. They might actually take certain post seriously because it is hard to tell if the post is true or not. Twitter also allows Trump to post at any time, which makes it difficult for journalist to keep up with. I do find it interesting the amount of people who have access to the Twitter account and actually look at it. If Trump used the Twitter platform to report the truth about presidential business how many other companies would start to do the same?


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