On the hunt for Pleasantville story ideas?

Mark Fishman once wrote that journalists position themselves at places where "masses of information collect." I've amassed some Pleasantville information for you here. Read local and state news from my Feedly collection. Subscribe to email alerts from the Village of Pleasantville and Westchester County. Subscribe to my Twitter lists for Pleasantville and Westchester. Search for … Continue reading On the hunt for Pleasantville story ideas?


One more post about where we’re headed

(If you've checked your email recently, you have probably already seen this. There is a cool Yoda gif in this version, though.) I hope you enjoyed our visit to News 12 Westchester today. I wanted to say a little bit more about next week, given the (lack of) response on assignments that were due last … Continue reading One more post about where we’re headed

Due by 4/13: a recap

Just to make sure we're clear on what's due next week: Group blog stuff: Each group member should post once Each group member should email me with a link to your group blog post and links to five comments on other blogs. Note that our class should be producing a total of 32 blog posts … Continue reading Due by 4/13: a recap


Creating the group blog

This week your group must: Create blog in WordPress (choose a great URL!) Create “About” page, which should describe your group's topic; also, include photos and brief bios of each member Add all members as authors So far, you've been blogging solo. Here's how multiple users can write, edit, and publish on the same blog: … Continue reading Creating the group blog