Week Date Topic Read for next class Do for next class (in addition to Reading Responses)
1 9/7 Introduction Briggs, Introduction and Chapter 1 Complete 15 Faces activity
AP Stylebook, The Associated Press Statement of News Values and Principles Customize your WordPress site to your liking and email me the URL
Susan Hodara, Pleasantville, N.Y.: Front Porches and Easy Strolls
2 9/14 How do journalists find news in the digital age? Briggs, Chapter 2 Interview a Pleasantville resident
Roy Peter Clark, 12 basics of interviewing, listening and note-taking
Arthur Cusano, Pleasantville Master Plan Update Takes Shape, Height Limits, Parking Key
3 9/21 Interviewing and building an audience AP Stylebook, Social Media Guidelines, Punctuation Guide and entries for “numerals” and “titles” Pleasantville story #1
Catalina Albeanu, Banjo gives journalists free access to its social media discovery platform
David Propper, P’ville’s Gambino Walk/Run Raises Awareness for Organ Donations
4 9/28 Twitter and other social media listening tools Briggs, Chapter 3 Finish Pleasantville story
Nancy Vogt and Amy Mitchell, Crowdfunded Journalism: A Small but Growing Addition to Publicly Driven Journalism
Gary Stern, Mount Pleasant, troubled youth centers seek accord
5 10/5 Crowdsourcing and other forms of collaboration Briggs Chapter 5 Pleasantville story #2
Kate Wesson, 10 Composition Tips For Taking Better iPhone Photos
Colleen Wilson, Pleasantville BOE leaving state org
10/12 No class (Yom Kippur) Fergus Bell, Verification: Source vs. Content Finish Pleasantville story
Arthur Cusano, A Year Later, Pleasantville Murder Remains Unsolved
6 10/19 Digital photography Briggs Chapter 6 Pleasantville story #3
Jay Allison, The Basics
Kate Hinds, 6 Killed in Metro-North Crash in Westchester
7 10/26 Audio journalism Briggs Chapter 7 Finish Pleasantville story
Mindy McAdams, Five Shots, 10 Seconds
Megan McCaffrey, Michael’s, McArthur’s in Pleasantville closing
8 11/2 Video journalism; covering elections in the digital age Briggs Chapter 8 Pleasantville story #4
Paul Bradshaw, What is Data Journalism?
Phil Reisman, One man’s case for a pay raise
9 11/9 Data journalism Tableau Public Training Overview Finish Pleasantville story; pitch idea for final project
Ben Casselman, Matthew Conlen, and Reuben Fischer-Baum, Gun Deaths in America
Jon Campbell, Freedom (of Information) Fighter: Meet Robert Freeman, New York’s Open-Government Guardian
10 11/16 Data visualization Jihii Jolly, Platform aimed at audience interaction generates story ideas, goodwill Do at least two interviews for final project
Steve Buttry, Susan Steade’s SEO headline tips: Business up front, party in the back
Brian Marschhauser, Westchester Affordable Housing Monitor to Resign
11/23 No class (Thanksgiving break) Meredith Clark, The ‘Black Twitter’ beat raises questions of cultural competency and audience engagement for newsrooms Work on final project
Alicia Shepard, Goodbye to the Loudest Drunk in NPR’s Online Bar
Charles Bethea, Will Shortz and the Ping-Pong Prodigy
11 11/30 Audience engagement and measurement Farhad Manjoo, Gawker’s Gone. Long Live Gawker. Submit draft final project
If Trump Tweets It, Is It News? A Quandary for the News Media
Lisa Foderaro, $6 Million Settlement Over Police Shooting of Danroy Henry
12 12/7 Ethical issues in digital journalism Emily Bell, Facebook is eating the world Finish final project
Nicholas Fandos, Watchdog That Shepherded Panama Papers Now Constrained by Finances
13 12/14 Economics of digital media Study for final exam
14 12/21 Final exam

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